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Video tutorial for installing and using our app

Fast and easy

Download & Install app

Downloading and installing the application is very simple. If you have a device with an Android operating system, go to Google Play, enter the keyword woxcars, find the application and start downloading. If you have a device with an IOS operating system, go to Apple Store, enter the keyword woxcars, find the application and start downloading. Be patient for a few seconds to download the application and that's it. The application has been downloaded and you can browse through the most pleasant published video listings . Watch the video above to see how simple it is.

Simple and cool

Browse through listings and find the car of your dreams

Browsing through the listings is particularly simple and intuitive. There is no need to create an account in the application to navigate among the ads. The ads run as videos on the full screen of the device. If you want to see previous ads actually swipe the screen from bottom to top. If you want to see subsequent ads actually swipe the screen from top to bottom. if you want to see the technical characteristics of the good offered for sale, click on the extension button in the listing's title widget and the technical characteristics page will open. If you want to communicate with the sellers or save some ads as favorites, then you will need to create a user account in the application. Don't worry, it's very simple and intuitive, in a maximum of 20 seconds you have the account created. You can also log in with the Gmail account of the device, with the Facebook account on the device or with the Apple ID.

Intuitive & Modern

Add engaging listings

Adding an ad is very intuitive and at the same time very easy. You actually log in to the application and click on the + button in the application menu. Select if you want to shoot live or if you want to upload a video from your phone gallery and start the action. Film the car for 60 seconds in a way that provides as many details as possible to those interested. If you upload a clip from the phone's gallery, it will be cut at the first 60 seconds. Fill in the details of the ad such as the title, the description of the object offered for sale and add other constructive details necessary for those looking to buy cars like yours. At the end, press the APPLY button and the ad will be loaded into the application. ATTENTION! AFTER YOU HAVE CLICKED THE APPLY BUTTON, PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE THE APPLICATION. IT WILL TAKE A FEW MINUTES (UP TO 5 MINUTES) FOR THE VIDEO FILE TO LOAD. IF YOU CLOSE THE APPLICATION THE AD WILL NOT LOAD AND YOU WILL HAVE TO RESTART ALL THESE OPERATIONS FROM ZERO. THE LOADING SPEED DEPENDS ON THE SIZE OF THE VIDEO FILE AND THE SPEED OF THE INTERNET CONNECTION. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO BE CONNECTED TO THE WIRELESS NETWORK WHEN LOADING THE ADS FOR AN INCREASED LOADING SPEED.

Download our app FOR FREE

Swipe through the posted ads and communicate with the sellers absolutely free. Downloading and browsing among the ads is totally free, it will cost absolutely nothing.