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Invest in our platform

Mega opportunity


We are looking for one or more investors to scale our platform globally. With adequate financial support, we can reach the number of 250-300 million users globally in a maximum of 8-12 months. The revenues estimated by us following the scaling of the platform will be fully satisfactory for the most demanding requirements of our investors. With our determination to be the best and with the right financial support, we can become number 1 in the automotive advertising industry, an industry worth about 28 billion dollars annually.

What makes us special


We have developed an ad listing platform that is extremely easy to use, very intuitive and at the same time very attractive. Users navigate through the ads with a simple swipe on the device screen. The ads are displayed in video format, attractive for those who want to see an overview of the good displayed in the ad. Those who want to post ads actually film the good that is the subject of the ad, add a short description, complete the car's characteristics and in 2-3 minutes the ad is already posted and visible to those looking to buy . Our motto is: SIMPLE, ACCESSIBLE, EFFICIENT.

Download and test

Check Our App

In order to make an informed decision, you need an overview of the application's features. Download our application from Google Play or Apple Store and check exactly what it is about, what it brings to the market and why we believe in this project.

are you interested ?

How do you proceed ?

If you want to be a partner in a project that will change the way in which advertising is done, through which you will get, in addition to the pride of being our partner, a much higher return on investment than the existing ones, please contact us. We are a team of marketing specialists very ambitious and very dedicated to this project who are willing to work without breaks for the development of this project. We intend to develop this business on a global level and as such we need 100% honest people with us who will provide us with the necessary support so that we can reach our goals in the shortest possible time. For more information please contact us .