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Concise answers

Frequently Asked Questions

See below answers to the most frequent questions. If, however, we were not clear enough in our answers or you have questions to which you did not find the answer, please contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible.

WoxCars is a unique immersive advertising platform. Post video ads for selling, buying or renting cars, trucks, bikes, motorcycles, trucks and boats. It is the perfect application for anyone. WoxCars is simple to use and particularly intuitive

Anyone who has a user account or creates an account on the app can post ads. Regardless of whether you are an individual, freelancer or company, you can post ads in the WoxCars app. If you want to sell a car, van, bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, truck or boat, then WoxCars is the platform you need.

Advertising packages are recommended for individuals or companies that offer several goods for sale. Any user can post a single free ad in our platform. Those who have more to offer can choose from our advertising packages the best service they need. We have the lowest rates and the best terms so there’s no reason to bother creating multiple accounts and posting

Unfortunately, inflation has gotten out of control and prices are increasing from day to day. We are not immune to inflation either and as such our rates are guaranteed to increase to cover the expenses generated by inflation. Consequently, you have 2 great benefits by buying an advertising package from us: 1- A significant saving for your budget. 2 – Predictability and stability having a predictable expenditure in the medium or long term.

Advertising packages contain the possibility of posting a number of ads valid for a certain period of time. For example the BASIC 20 package contains a number of 20 ads valid for 30 days and so on according to the details of the purchased advertising package. ATTENTION! The advertising packages do NOT contain ad promotion services by reposting them or displaying them on the first positions in the search rankings in the application. Ad promotion services are purchased separately from the user account and are activated in exchange for payment of a fee for each individual promoted ad.

You can buy advertising packages from our website in the pricing section of the menu. Choose the desired advertising package and pay via paypal or with your bank card via stripe or even by transfer to our bank account.

Each ad published individually (which is not the subject of advertising packages) is valid for 30 days from the date of publication.

Basic Pro advertising packages are valid for 12 months. VIP advertising packages are valid for 36 months and Diamond advertising packages are valid forever.

To get more views and calls, you can promote your ad posted in the application. In your user panel you have all the posted announcements. With each posted ad, you have the opportunity to promote it. Click on the PROMOTION button and choose the desired service.

It will no longer be visible in the app. It can be renewed or deleted from the app.

The validity period of the ads included in the advertising packages differs depending on the package ordered. BASIC packages include a number of ads valid for 30 days. BASIC PRO packages include a number of ads valid for 12 months. VIP packages include a number of ads valid for 36 months.

After the purchased advertising package expires, the posted ads will remain in the platform but are no longer visible to the public. You can extend the advertising package or buy another advertising package according to your needs. After 30 days from the advertising package expiration, the ads will be deleted automatically.

Download our app FOR FREE

Swipe through the posted ads and communicate with the sellers absolutely free. Downloading and browsing among the ads is totally free, it will cost absolutely nothing.