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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions  for consumers

General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) for consumers using the services of accessible via the website or android app via Google Play and ios app via Apple Store  (“Consumer GTC”)

About WoxCars

Welcome to WoxCars : You may use the Services and the Platform through the woxcars mobile applications (the “Application”) and through the website (the “Website”).

Some features are available in the app only. In addition, not all of the Services or features may be available in your country or region. Different features may be available in different versions of the Services.
Some features are not available to users under a certain age. The services allow you to create, publish, and share short videos/ presentations, and consume videos / video presentations that other users have created and interact with those videos andother users BUYERS/SELLERS.
You can record or import videos in Services. You can post videos in Services so that other users can consume your videos.
Videos that you publish publicly will be available in the app . You can share your videos or videos with others who have shared,through various messaging services and on third-party social platforms (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) inaccordance with those terms and conditions. You can enter a video , description, tags, and various privacy settings when you post a video listing . You can enter a short biography text and profile picture in your public user profile.
Interact with other users: You can interact with other users’ content as well. In particular: Direct messages: You can send direct messages to users if they follow you or if they have applied to one of the jobs posted by users. Track: You can track users. If users restrict their profile, you can only track users if they approve your tracking request.
Limitations on Services: We strive to provide the Service without significant interruption and to continuously improve the Service. However, the service may be completely or partially unavailable for certain periods of time due to planned or unplanned shutdown, maintenance or technical difficulties.


These GTC shall apply to all contracts that may come into existence between Dac Euro Advance Consulting   („“) and consumers of Services („Users“) within the scope of use of our vehicle database (“Database”). In addition, our Requirements on the Layout of Advertisements and our Information on Data Protection shall be applicable. Commercial users shall be bound by our General Terms and Conditions for companies using the services of  accessible  via the website or android app via Google Play and ios app via Apple Store (“Dealer GTC”).

Services provided by

2.1. operates a Database on which vehicle advertisements are stored. provides access to the database to their users via the rubric “search” heading to content saved on the Database, as well as permitting Users to enter their own content (“Advertisements”) into the Database via the “place an advert” heading. is not acting as an agent, seller or purchaser, nor as an agent of either the purchaser or seller of vehicles stored on the Database, but merely as a technical service provider.


2.2. Granting access to or entering content into the Database are within’s discretion. Users do not have a right to demand thatparticular services or any part thereof bemaintained.

Registration by Users

3.1. The use of certain services provided by requires that Users register on’s website. Registration is only permitted to persons who are of age and capable of acting sui juris. Only registered Users may place advertisements on’s Database.

3.2.When registering, Users must provide their name, telephone number, e-mail address and a password. Details provided on the registration form must be the truth; any changes to details must be updated without delay. Users may not register with more than once. Registrations are not transferable and may not be used by anyone other than the registered User.

3.3. A User’s e-mail address and password are required as access data in order to use those of’s services for which registration is required. Users must keep their password secret and must not give it to any third party. Should a third party gain access to any User password, saidUser shall without delay notify of this and change the password.

3.4. reserves the right to cancel any registrations of Users who have not logged on for 6 months or more.

3.5. Our Information on Data Protection applies to all Users’ personal data collected in the course of registration.

Entering content into the Databank

4.1. In sending the registration data and entering the required information into the Database, Users are submitting an offer to to conclude a contract for a limited time for the acceptance and provision of data on the Database. On receiving the offer, shall decide whether or not to accept it. Acceptance shall occur by means of the content’s acceptance onto the Database.

4.2. Users shall not make more than one advertisements available for viewing on the Database at any one time, nor shall they advertise more than one vehicles per calendar month. In the event of any User having more than one advertisement available for viewing on the Database at any one time, or advertising more than one vehicle in any one calendar month, shall be entitled to delete the relevant advertisements. Likewise shall be entitled to delete advertisements and registrations in the event of any breach of this provision, notably if the User has employed multiple registrations.

4.3. Advertisements will be available for viewing on the Database for a period of 30 days , unless deleted by the User him or herself. After a period of 30 days has elapsed, may delete the advertisement.

4.4. The placing of advertisements shall be at’s discretion. At all times shall be entitled to limit the availability of advertisements on the Databank from the point of view of space or time, and with regard to the number of advertisements placed, as well as deleting advertisements from the Database or preventing advertisements from being passed on if such advertisements do not meet the Requirements on the Layout of Advertisements, they are in’s opinion illegal, or a third party has objected toany such advertisement.

Liability for content

5.1. Users shall be liable themselves for any content entered into the Database. Notably, Users shall be responsible for ensuring that no content is illegal and that no third party rights (e.g. copyright or trademarks) have been infringed. shall not be obliged to monitor whether the content provided infringes third party rights or violates any legal provisions. Users shall be liable to correct or delete, as appropriate, any content provided by said Users if the content does not meet our Requirements on the Layout of Advertisements. Changes can be made via the “My” menu.

5.2. Users shall indemnify from all liability for third party claims, including any costs for legal action incurred as a result of content provided by Users having been accepted into theDatabank unaltered by

5.3. Users shall ensure that the files transferred by them do not contain any viruses or comparable harmful programmes. shall be entitled to delete any such files, and Users shall have no rights to claim in that respect. reserves the right to claim for compensation on the grounds of virus-relateddamage.

Rights of use

By placing Advertisements, Users shall grant and its affiliated companies the following non-exclusive, alienable rights, such rights being spacially and temporally unlimited, in the transmitted contents (including the right to grant sublicenses):

an archiving and database right, ie. the right to archive the contents in any form and in particular to record said contents in a digitalized form, insert them into databases and store them on all known storage media and all types of data carrier, as well as to combine said contents with other works or parts of works;

a right of duplication and dissemination, ie. the right to randomly store the contents, duplicate them and make them accessible or disseminate them in electronic or other media (eg. on the internet, in newspapers or magazines) either in full or part;

an editing right, ie. the right to edit the contents in any manner, and in particular to change them, shorten them, supplement them, and combine them with other content.

In particular, shall be entitled to permit the aforementioned acts to be carried out by third parties.

Databank Rights

7.1. is the legal owner of all content on the website and the Database. All copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights on the Database work, the Database itself and the content, data and other items placed therein shall belong exclusively to; this shall not affect any rights of the User in the content provided by said User.

7.2.Within the scope of these GTC, Users shall be entitled to call up individual sets of data on their screens by means of the exclusive use of online search fields made available by, and to make a copy thereof for the purpose of making the data permanently visible. Automatic information retrieval by means of scripts, by circumventing the search field through the use of search software or comparable measures, is not permissible.

7.3. Users may not use the data obtained by means of our data retrieval in full, nor in part or in extracts, for the purpose of compiling a databank of their own in any form of media, nor for any act of commercial data processing or provision ofinformation, nor for any other commercial purpose. Linking, integrating or in any other way connecting the Database or individual items from within the Database to other databases ormetadatabases shall not be permitted.


8.1. does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of information provided by Users or for declarations made by Users, nor in respect of the identity or integrity of Users.

8.2. Content or advertisements entered into the Database shall be deemed to be third party content for within the meaning of the Romanian laws Legal responsibility for such content therefore lies with whoever entered the content into the Database.

8.3. does not accept liability for any technical defects, particularly for the constant and uninterrupted availability of the Database and its contents, nor for the complete and correct reproduction of content entered into the Databaseby Users.


9.1. The following shall apply in respect of damage suffered by Users in connection with the services provided by and caused by, subcontractors or their relevant agents. In the event of intent or gross negligence, or where a guarantee has been given, liability shall be unlimited. In the event of simple negligence, liability shall be also unlimited in the case of injury to life, limb or health. In the event of a simple negligent breach of significant contractual duties, liability shall be limited to providing for foreseeable loss of property or economic loss of a type that would typically result. All further liability for compensation – with the exception of claims under the Romanian Product Liability Act – shall be excluded.

9.2. Under these laws , shall only be liable for a loss of data and the cost of a futile entry of data insofar as this could not even have been prevented if the User had stored the most up to date version of the data at hand in a machine readable form.

9.3. In all instances any contributory negligence on the part of the User shall be taken into account. In particular, Users shall be obliged to at least enter a search once on the website in order to verify that the data entered by the User and reproduced by is correct.

9.4. The provisions above shall also apply with regard to employees of


10.1. Users may terminate the services of at any time. In order to do this, a User may at any point in time delete the User’s registration him or herself. From this time onwards, the User will then no longer be able to advertise new vehicles or amend existingadvertisements.

10.2. may terminate the services at any time on giving 14 days’ notice to the User. This shall not affect’s right to block aregistration or delete specific advertisements.

Final provisions

11.1. The contract between and the User shall be subject to the laws of the Romania , to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG). If the User is a consumer, this choice of law shall only apply insofar as it does not withdraw any protection provided by mandatory legal provisions of that state in which the User is ordinarily resident.

11.2. Oradea shall be the exclusive venue and place of performance, provided the purchaser is a trader, legal entity under public law or special fund under public law. The same shall apply if the customer does not have a place of jurisdiction in Romania, or the customer’s address or ordinary place of residence are unknown at the time of commencement of legal action. This shall not affect the right to call upon the courts of another place of jurisdiction.

11.3. The Romanian version shall prevail over the English translation.



General Terms and Conditions  for companies

General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) for companies using the services by  accessible via the website or android app via Google Play and ios app via Apple Store (“Dealer GTC”)

Scope, changes of the GTC

1.1. For the use of services which you can use as a dealer (“User”) on the website , the following General Terms and Conditions shall apply exclusively, as well as the provisions of the service package which you selected;  as well as the Requirements on the Layout of Advertisements, as well as our Information on Data Protection. The Consumer GTC shall be applicable for private advertisers. The services regulated under this GTC are provided by Silato Prod SRL  , Romania  („“) , represented by its general management.

1.2. Any special agreements and side arrangements provided prior to contract conclusion shall only become contents of the contract if confirms them expressly in writing. Any subsequent changes shall also require the written form for their validity. Oral side arrangements were not made. Conflicting GTC by the User shall be herewith explicitly opposed and excluded.

1.3. shall reserve the right to change these GTC if the changes are reasonable for the User taking the interests of into account. This shall be particularly the case if the changes are without any economical disadvantages for the User, e.g. in case of changes in the registration process or adjustment of the GTC taking into account any changes or new services or functionalities.

1.4. shall advise the User via e-mail of any changes of the GTC and indicate that the changes are considered accepted unless the User opposes them within 4 weeks.

Subject of the services, changes

2.1. maintains an Internet platform on which automotive advertisements can be inserted and managed by the User against payment. The subject of the services shall be provided in the possibility of inserting automotive advertisements into the database and to make them accessible to third parties via the Internet. Any other scope of services agreed upon with the User shall depend on the service package selected by the User.

2.2. Any use of the services and the database by the User shall only be allowed to the extent defined by these GTC (especially Clause 3) and possibly in the service package, as well as under the conditions here described.

2.3. shall reserve the right to modify at any time even the payable services or parts thereof, or to stop them or replace them for other services as far as this is reasonable for the User. There shall be not entitlement to the maintenance of specific services or parts thereof (especially individual functionalities). In particular, this shall apply for services which are not explicitly named in the performance description of the selected service package or which are offered without additional compensation after contract conclusion by .

Use rights

3.1. Through the transmission of advertising data, the User shall grant and its affiliated companies the following non-exclusive, assignable rights not limited in time and space, in the transmitted contents (including the right to grant sublicenses):

Archiving and database right, i.e. the right to archive the contents in any form and in particular to record them even in digitalized form, insert them into databases and store them on all known storage mediums and on any possible data carriers, and connect them with other works or parts of works;

Right of duplication and dissemination, i.e. the right to randomly store the contents, duplicate them and make them accessible or disseminate them in electronic or other media (e.g. Internet, newspapers, magazines) partially or entirely;

Editing right, i.e. the right to edit the contents in any manner; in particular, change them, shorten them, supplement them, and connect them with other contents.

In particular, shall be entitled to have the aforementioned activities performed by third parties.

3.2. All contents (e.g. texts, advertisements) or characteristics (trademarks, company names, logos) which are made accessible on the Internet sites of shall enjoy possibly protection under copyright, trademark and, as the case may be, unfair competition laws. Within the scope of the contract, grants to the User a non-exclusive, non-assignable right, limited in time to the duration of the contract, without the right to sublicensing, to use the contents made accessible within the scope of the customary use according to the contract – as defined by the purpose of the contract and the service package. Any use in excess thereof shall constitute misuse and shall be subject of claims by according to civil law and possibly even according to criminal law. Misuse shall be considered in particular automated search of the database by means of software; or

copying the contents of the database (individually or in their entirety) and making accessible on other Internet sites or in other media, unless it would concern at the same time the User’s contents.

3.3. As far as the User was provided by with software programs for the performance of the contract, User shall obtain a non-exclusive, non-assignable right limited in time to the duration of the contract, without the right of sublicensing, to use the software on a single hardware unit utilized by the User. User shall be obligated to return to the software programs plus any possible backup copies upon the end of the contract or to confirm, in writing, their deletion to .

3.4. For any case of actions by User that breach the rights indicated in Clause 3.2 and 3.3, the User shall be obligated to pay to a contract penalty .  shall reserve the right to claim further damages.

Contract conclusion, registration

4.1. User shall register in order to use the services. Registration shall only be allowed for legal entities and for natural persons with full legal capacities. The person doing the registration for a legal entity shall be authorized to conclude corresponding contracts.

4.2. User shall be obligated to truthful and complete statement of the data queried during registration. Within the scope of the registration and the ongoing contract relationship, shall be entitled to demand the submission of an excerpt of the commercial register and/or the trade register and other documents and information which are deemed mandatory or expedient for the contract conclusion or for maintaining the contract relationship.

4.3. Upon sending the registration data to , will be submitted an offer for the conclusion of a contract.

4.4. shall decide according to its free discretion on the acceptance of the offer. If does not confirm the registration within a reasonable period by e-mail to the e-mail address indicated by the User, User shall no longer be bound to the offer. Upon confirmation of the offer by , a contract shall come about between the User and

4.5. The provisions of  Civil Code are not applicable in the context of a conclusion of an ecommerce contract between companies.

4.6. Per User (i.e. legal entity), only one registration shall be allowed.If a User has several branches, each branch shall be registered as a separate user. The registration at shall not be assignable. Every user shall receive a password.

4.7. User shall be obligated to advise immediately of any changes of its data.

4.8. User shall be obligated not to disclose the password, not even upon inquiry. herewith points out that employees shall not be authorized to ask the User for its password. If you have forgotten your password, you can request – via the function “password forgotten” – that a new password will be sent to your indicated e-mail address.

4.9. User shall be liable for damages which are incurred due to third parties having gained knowledge of its password due to its negligent or intentional conduct. shall be immediately informed by e-mail if User’s password should have been stolen or if User obtains knowledge that its password is unlawfully used.

4.10. will save the following User data if a potential buyer uses the contact form to contact the User: e-mail address of the potential buyer, CustomerID of the User and the AdID. The potential buyer will be able to rate the Users they contacted via the contact form on the website.


5.1. The basic price for the services by shall depend on the contractually agreed upon service package. If the User takes advantage of more services than have been contractually stipulated with the service package, shall retroactively bill him in accordance with the applicable prices.

5.2. Price adjustments during the contract term shall be made known to the User 4 weeks prior to their becoming effective. In this case, User shall have the right to extraordinary termination of the contract effective for the date of the price increase becoming effective. If User continues to take advantage of the services of after the price change has become effective, this shall present a declaration of consent with the price change.

Payment, due date, default

6.1. Unless otherwise agreed upon in the individual case, shall bill its services monthly. The amount of the invoice shall be exclusively collected by direct debiting. shall prepare an invoice. will charge the amount of the invoice not before the second day after the receiving of the invoice (= pre-notification) from the agreed account (= due date).

6.2. All amounts shall be principally due upon receipt of the invoice. User shall be in default if the amount of the invoice is not paid within 14 days. If User is in default, shall be entitled to demand late interest . User shall be at liberty to prove that has incurred lesser damage. Also unaffected shall be the right of to demand the statutory default interest or to prove to the User that greater damage was incurred.

Term of the contract, notice of termination

7.1. The contract shall be concluded, depending on the case, for an indefinite term or for a minimum term. Contracts with an indefinite term can be terminated mutually ordinarily with a period of 1 month to the end of the month. Contracts with a minimum term can be terminated mutually by with a period of 1 month to the end of the last month of the minimum term. Otherwise, the contract shall be exist for an indefinite term, which can be terminated ordinarily with a period of 1 month to the end of a month.

7.2. The right of extraordinary termination shall remain unaffected. shall have the right of extraordinary termination especially

  1. the User breaches material provisions of these GTC or if User does not meet the main performance obligations under the contract and does not remedy – within a period of 10 workdays – this breach of obligation despite a written reminder.

The “material provisions” of these GTC in the above mentioned meaning shall include especially

Clause 3 (the obligation to use the offer of only in the allowed scope);

Clause 4.2 (the obligation of providing truthful information);

Clause 4.8 (the prohibition of making the allocated password accessible to third parties);

Clause 12 (the obligation of complying with the Requirements on the Layout of Advertisements and not inserting any illegal or unlawful contents);

  1. if the User is in default of payment for more than 30 days or if User unjustifiably opposes debit notes;
  2. if the User becomes insolvent (thus, e.g. no longer meets salary claims or supplier receivables), or if User is in excessive debt;
  3. if bankruptcy proceedings, settlement proceedings or similar proceedings have been instituted over the assets of the User, or if the institution of such proceedings has been applied for and if the application is not remedied by revocation within a period of 5 days.

Notices of termination must be in writing.

Blocking contents or the access; other sanctions

8.1. Acceptance of the User’s contents into the Internet offer shall be at the discretion of . shall reject the insertion of User contents or, respectively, remove inserted contents especially if they are not in compliance with the Romanian law ; or not in compliance with the Requirements on the Layout of Advertisements of ; or illegal in the opinion of .

8.2. If a content inserted by the User is complained about by a third party, shall be entitled – to avoid own legal disadvantages – to remove these contents immediately and without being under any obligation to check the merits of this complaint.

8.3. shall be entitled to immediately block access of the User if the User has repeatedly breached the rules or the Requirements on the Layout of Advertisements of, or if illegal contents were inserted; the User is in default of payment, has cancelled its authorization for direct debiting, or has unjustifiably objected to a debit note; there is the wellreasoned suspicion that a third party is (co-)using the access of the User;there is any other case of misuse of the database or any exceeding of the use rights set forth in Article 3 above.

8.4. In all cases, the User shall be advised in good time before the blocking (written warning). shall be entitled to demand a fee for the renewed clearing.

8.5. If, despite a written warning, the User again culpably breaches the provisions of this Clause 8, shall take measures to permanently exclude the User from the offer. In this case, shall be furthermore entitled to demand a contract penalty if  the misuse continues to exist. Similarly, in case of breaches against the presentation of an advertisement (e.g. advertisement from a professional dealer presented as inserted by a private advertiser), shall claim a contract penalty in the amount of € 300.00 per vehicle presented in this manner.

Responsibility for contents, release

9.1. User shall be exclusively responsible for the legality or the correctness of the contents inserted by the User. shall be merely a technical service provider and as such will be neither active as a mediator or representative of the User, nor otherwise on the User’s instruction. According to Romanian laws, shall not be obligated to monitor the information transmitted or stored by it, or search for circumstances which indicate any illegal activity.

9.2. User shall release from any claims which third parties may lodge against due to the infringement of their rights because of its advertisement or due to the User otherwise using the website of In this case, User shall also accept the costs of the necessary legal defense by , including all court costs and fees for legal counsel. This shall not apply if and insofar as the User is not responsible for the violation of laws.


10.1. shall ensure the availability of the data base of over 90% relative to the year. Availability in this sense shall mean that contents can be inserted in the data base and data can be retrieved from it.

10.2. Not included in the availability shall be the times required for the maintenance of the system and interruptions for offline backups – each in a reasonable scope – as well as interruptions due to force major or due to other causes which could not be averted by . This shall include e.g. emergency measures to prevent any virus spreading. If possible, shall announce these times in advance on the website.

10.3. With regard to the insertion of video or image files, shall not be liable for the quality of the rendition; in particular, not for color deviations.

Liability of

11.1. shall be liable within the scope of this contract basically on the ground of damages of the User (1) which or its legal representatives or vicarious agents brought about intentionally or in gross negligence; (2) which have come about by the breach of an obligation by which is of essential importance for reaching the purpose of the contract (essential obligations); (3) if these claims result from the Law on Product Liability; (4) if in the scope of these General conditions or the provisions specific to a service package, has either granted a specific warranty with regard to the provided services or willfully made misrepresentations to the User and/or (5) due to the injury of life, limb or health which results from a breach of obligation of or of one of its legal representatives or vicarious agents.

11.2. shall be liable in the full amount for damages which were caused intentionally or in gross negligence, or in case of injury to life, limb or health. Otherwise, the damage claim shall be limited to the foreseeable contract-typical damage. In case of default in the performance of a ser-vice, the parties expressly agree that the amount of this damage shall not exceed 5% of the concerned service.

11.3. shall be liable for data losses of the User if the User had ensured – by making backups or in other ways – that the data can be restored with reasonable expenditures. The liability by shall be limited to the typical expenditure for restoring data. Clause 11.2 shall remain unaffected thereby.

11.4. As far as is liable, according to Clause 11.2, only in the amount of the typically foreseeable damage, ‘s aggregate liability under this contract shall be additionally limited, for all damages, to a maximum of € 10,000.00 or, respectively – in case of purely property damage – to an amount of € 5,000.00 at maximum.

11.5. As far as is liable, according to Clause 11.2, only in the amount of the typically foreseeable damage, shall not be liable for indirect damages, subsequent defect damages or for lost profits.

11.6. In other cases than those indicated in 11.1 to 11.3, liability of shall be excluded – irrespective of the legal reason.

11.7. As far as the liability of is excluded, this shall also apply for the personal liability of the employees, workers, collaborators, representatives and vicarious agents of . .

Liability of the User

12.1. In the layout/design of the inserted contents, User shall be obligated to comply with the Requirements on the Layout of Advertisements, and to take care that the contents do not breach legal provisions (especially those of copyright, trademark as well as unfair competition). User shall be obligated in particular not to make accessible any contents which are relevant under criminal law (e.g. defamatory, slanderous, racist or pornographic contents), or any contents which are disparaging of another’s credit standing.

12.2. User shall be obligated to release, upon first request, from any recourse by third parties which results from the breach of the obligation indicated in Clause 12.1, and to reimburse for all further damages possibly resulting from the breach, in particular all reasonable costs of legal defense.

Offsetting rights, right of retention

13.1. The User has no right of retention if based on claims resulting from other transactions with

13.2. The User can only offset with claims that are not disputed or have been recognized by judgement.

Final provisions

14.1. Oradea shall be the exclusive legal venue and place of performance. The contract between the User and shall be subject to the laws of the Romania , with the exclusion of United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

14.2. The Romanian version shall prevail of the English translation.

14.3. Any amendments or supplements of the contract, including this clause, shall require the written form for their validity. The written form within the meaning of this regulation shall principally mean the legal form according to Romanian laws. The requirement of written form shall also be observed by a email.

14.4. With a notification period of 4 weeks, shall be entitled to assign, wholly or in parts, its rights and obligations under this contract relationship to a third party. In this case, the User shall be entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect after notification of the contract takeover.