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Film the car and post video ads that bring you customers quickly

Film the car and post video ads

After creating the user account in the application, you can already publish a wonderful ad. Just open the WoxCars application and press the + button from the bottom menu of the application. An ad creation page will open. The first option is choosing the video file that you want to be loaded in the application. You can select a video from the gallery of your device or you can film live with your device the car you want to sell. Be careful to take a nice and conclusive video where you can observe all the equipment of the car and its technical condition.

HOWEVER, MAKE SURE THAT THE VIDEO CLIP IS SHORT AND TO THE POINT. Ideally, it should be a maximum of 60 seconds because a long video clip is boring and users will not have the patience to watch a long clip. You can mention the possible details that you want to stand out in the field of the vehicle description, where you can enter absolutely any detail that you consider important.

Then enter the details in the characteristic fields of the sold object and finally press the Apply button (DO NOT CLOSE THE APPLICATION BECAUSE LOADING THE VIDEO MAY TAKE A FEW MINUTES DEPENDING ON THE STRENGTH OF YOUR INTERNET NETWORK). DONE. Your ad will be uploaded to the application and will be visible in a few minutes.

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Swipe through the posted ads and communicate with the sellers absolutely free. Downloading and browsing among the ads is totally free, it will cost absolutely nothing.