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The most beautiful App

Do you want to sell a car, truck, motorcycle or even a boat? Do you want to buy a car, a truck, a motorcycle or even a boat? No more energy and time consuming listing platforms. WoxCars is the perfect application both for vehicle sellers and for those who want to buy a vehicle. Just swipe the screen and navigate among the special video ads.

Simple & Intuitive


We developed this application to be particularly simple to use, intuitive and attractive so that the time required to post an ad is as fast as light .Browsing through the ads is particularly pleasant and very easy .

Just shoot and publish

Publishing an ad is simpler than ever. You just have to film the vehicle or upload a video from the gallery and publish the footage

Get customers fast

Your ads will attract hundreds of thousands of visitors who love posted video ads and you will surely attract a lot of customers

Love at first sight

WoxCars turn the search for a car into a pleasant pastime

With the help of the application, looking for a car becomes a pleasant and exciting activity. For car sellers, posting an ad becomes a pleasant thing that highlights the inventiveness and fantasy of each trader.
WoxCars is the application that totally transforms advertising in the automotive industry. WoxCars makes the interaction between sellers and buyers much more pleasant and much more efficient


Although the app is particularly intuitive and there is no need for a user guide, we still present the main steps for installing and posting an ad. There is no need to worry, even those with zero experience can handle using the application.

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Download & Install


Download the app from Google Play or the App Store. Install and open the app. It takes a maximum of 30 seconds.
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Register & Login


Click on the Register button and create a user account in the platform. It is very simple and takes less than 30 seconds.
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Edit Profile


Fill in the necessary details for your profile. It will be remarkably useful when customers want to know who you .
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Post Ads


To post an ad you simply click on the round + button at the bottom of the screen. The section for completing the main details will appear to list your car.
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Film & Publish


Click on the camera icon and start recording. Select the background sound (optional), write details and complete the features of your car .
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Manage Ads


Click to apply listing and wait a few minutes for loading video .The ad is published and visible to users. It can be managed from your profile page.


In these times, everyday tasks and other everyday problems take up a lot of our time. We simplify everything and turn work into pure pleasure. With the help of our application, your car sales business becomes easier and faster.



Buy, sell, trade or rent any type of vehicle by creating magnificent video ads. WoxCars is designed to be completely different than what exists at the moment. Swipe through the video ads and find the best deals! Captivating, modern and easy to use!


The ad runs as a video on the entire screen of the device, offering users a special visual experience .


Switching from one ad to another is done by simply swiping on the device screen from top to bottom or from bottom to top


Users can read the full details of the vehicle by clicking on the expansion bar in the ad title widget

Internal chat

Users can communicate through messages with attachments in real time through the integrated chat in the application

Phone calls or whatsapp

Users can call the sellers directly or send messages on WhatsApp directly from the application without having to save the details in the address book



We offer you advertising packages that will ensure the development of your business without stress and without worries. You can focus strictly on the management of your business and no longer have to worry about advertising costs. These subscription packages are valid for a limited time and are only available to a limited number of customers.

everything superlative


We have developed this application in such a way that it meets the most demanding requirements. We did not load it with complicated functions that no one uses, but we considered making the use of this application very simple and at the same time providing complete information. We mostly succeeded in this, but we are a collective of perfectionist professionals and we continue to work for substantial improvements.

smart usage algorithms


Accuracy and relevance

Woxcars is focused on relevance and will primarily display ads posted by sellers who live close to you

Find something related to your budget

Woxcars will help you find the most attractive offers within the limits of your needs or budget

Find the brand or model you want

Woxcars will help you find the most attractive offers by guiding you to the best choices according to your specifications

Find special discounts

Woxcars takes care to notify you when there are special offers or discounts for the brand or model of car you are looking for

Download our app FOR FREE

Swipe through the posted ads and communicate with the sellers absolutely free. Downloading and browsing among the ads is totally free, it will cost absolutely nothing.

WoxCars © 2024. All Rights Reserved.

WoxCars © 2024. All Rights Reserved.